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Tony’s Message to MK Husbands

KO Family

Dear Consultant Husband,


Hi. My name is Tony Oliveira. I am the husband of Kathy Oliveira. I wanted to write to give you my honest reflections of our Mary Kay experience over the past 28 years Kathy has been involved with Mary Kay.

Kathy started as a consultant, just as your wife has. I had some concerns at first about whether it would draw Kathy away from the family too much. Well, it did take some extra time, obviously, but because the priorities in Mary Kay are faith first, family second and work third, she really tried not to have the business affect our family in any negative way. In fact, I know that Mary Kay actually benefited our family in a positive way in those early days. She was able to work her Mary Kay around the many demands of being a stay at home Mom. Kathy was also able to work her Mary Kay business in the presence of our kids, so they have really been educated in lots of areas of business without even realizing it. I, on the other hand, benefited by seeing Kathy develop into a more self confident, self fulfilled and happy woman.


Financially, Mary Kay has been beneficial for our family. It took a while before I actually saw money come into our family budget, because Kathy was reinvesting her profit into inventory, educational events, computer equipment etc., as any business owner would to get off to a successful start. Once the money started rolling in, it became very evident to me that Mary Kay was an extremely lucrative business and that it had been worth the investment of time and energy for Kathy. Mary Kay really helped to ease up our financial situation, so much that we were able to take regular vacations, put our kids in private school, and relax about the family budget. Eight years ago, Kathy and I decided that I could retire from the Federal Court Service 10 years prior to full retirement and stay home and enjoy life with the kids. Now we are a big happy family. Our Mary Kay business supports us well. And honestly, when Kathy started Mary Kay 28 years ago, I never thought she would be this successful.


I have often said to Kathy, and I believe it to be true, If a woman has the support of her husband she can really fly in this business, but without it, she will have an up hill road to climb toward success and possibly never get there. I hope that you will embrace Mary Kay along with your wife. Yes, she will be the one out there doing it, but with you encouraging and backing her, there is no telling what your wife can do.

If you have any questions about Mary Kay, please give me a call at 760-207-0994- cell#