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The Twenty-one Day Booking Challenge & The Four Hour Plan

The challenge is simple! Make 10 booking calls a day, that’s it! If they don’t answer, you roll their name forward & contact them again. We so often give up after 1 or 2 contacts that we miss out on customers and end up flying through leads. By implementing this strategy into your business you will see an explosive amount of bookings in your datebook! NSD Tammy Crayk is the originator of both the 21 Day Booking Challenge and the 4 Hour Plan, but there are many different takes on how to work this system.

The 4 Hour Plan

by NSD Tammy Crayk Smith

How to Work the 4 Hour Plan

By: Christine DeGrammont

The 21 Day Booking Revolution

By: Lisa Madson

The 21 Day Booking Challenge

By: Mary Gronholz