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Welcome to the Olympics!  You have succeeded in the trials and can now compete in the big time Olympics with the best of the best in the Mary Kay world.  Congratulations!

We want you to win, so you need to report your points weekly.  The first time you will report is this coming Saturday, April 9th.  You will use the link that we send you that day or you can use the QR code on the tracking sheet attached.  You can keep track of your daily points using the attached tracking sheets, so you might want to print them all out.  Remember, this week you were able to report points beginning April 1st, so that will give you 9 days of points to report.

To help you keep track of your daily calls and texts, you can print out the attached bubble sheet and follow the legend on it.  It’s a great tracker for you, one that you may incorporate into your business well after the Olympics are finished.

You are in 2 new Voxer groups now:
One is The Olympic Pacesetters group.  This is where you will listen to a valuable daily message recorded for you by one of our amazing pacesetters.
The other voxer group is a small support group led by two incredible directors.  Please feel free to encourage each other, ask questions, and give input.  It will make the Olympic Pacesetter experience more fun and valuable for you.

To make sure you understand how you get points, watch the All Love Olympic Pacesetter orientation video.  You’ll need to be a member of My Mary Kay Sisters on Facebook to view it.  If you were at the Zoom orientation meeting on Friday evening, it’s the same information.  Here’s the link:

Run your own race without comparison.  Run hard.  Run fast.  Don’t quit.  And be sure to celebrate everyday that you win! 

customer call sheet
Olumpic Pacesetters page 1
Olympic Pacesetters weekly requirements
pacesetter prize sheet
pacesetters week 2 tracking