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John C Maxwell Podcast

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NSD Connie Kitton

Self-Coaching Notes

How do you run your business without giving out a single business card?  

NSD Linda Toupin

Taxes – How to keep more of your income!
Take a listen to this call with Jeff “The Tax Man” to find out how to make the most of your MK Business

Do you want to make the most out of your Mary Kay Business?

Take a listen to this call with Melinda Balling on “Working full time and being a successful Director”


Call by NSD Susan Hohlman How to Fireproof your Parties

Want your parties to have a great holding ratio?  Try this technique from Susan Hohlman.


Call By Director Sandy Malkin How to Become a Booking Machine

How to get a ton of leads and hold a ton of parties! (And I mean a ton!)


The Mary Kay March - Performed at the Olive You Go Give Advance February 2017

The Olive Area Debut July 2014

Montage from The Olive Area Debut July 2014

The Faith Fork Speech 2013